Theme Days

First Theme Day on the reform of public life
Céreste, July 16, 2016

Candidate Philippe Mazuel’s program for the reform of public life:

  • creation of a Citizens’ Senate: Senators will be citizens drawn by lot and representatives economic stakeholders [NB what about civil society?], (the Citizen’s Senate will replace Economic and Social Council).
  • establishment of a youth quota for every election: 30% of candidates must be under 40.
  • recognition of the blank vote: if the majority of votes are blansk, the relevant election may invalidated.
  • prohibition of multiple mandates in space and in time (one mandate at a time, and not more than two consecutive terms); where a mandate has to be resigned to satisfy this probation, it is forbidden to make up for lost revenue by increasing the remuneration for the retained mandate.
  • prohibition on elected officials to recruit a member of their immediate family as a parliamentary employee or member of cabinet.

The next theme days (environment and sustainability, social Europe, territorial equality …) will take place from September to December. We will send the dates shortly.

Traslated from French by Bob Bonwitt